Need to Clear Out Your Garage?

Need to Clear Out Your Garage?

Rely on a junk removal company in Orlando & Winter Park, FL

If you have junk you're trying to get rid of, you're in luck. J & J Services, LLC can help you for an affordable price. We'll save you a trip to the dump by coming to your property to collect anything you want to ditch.

You can depend on our junk removal company to get rid of:

  • Broken appliances like refrigerators and washing machines
  • Old furniture like couches, beds and tables
  • Trash and yard waste
  • Playground equipment
  • Hot tubs

Contact us today to learn more about our junk removal company in Orlando and Winter Park, FL.

Say goodbye to unwanted furniture

How long has that unused nightstand been collecting dust in your garage? Get rid of it for good with our furniture removal service. We'll get rid of anything you don't need anymore. Make your life easier by letting us handle the heavy lifting.

Call now to schedule a furniture removal in Orlando or Winter Park, FL.