Clear Out a Vacated Space

Clear Out a Vacated Space

Count on us for foreclosure cleanout services in Orlando & Winter Park, FL

After a house has foreclosed and a tenant has left, you might be left with a lot of junk remaining in the house. J & J Services, LLC can clear out the house or apartment to make sure it's ready for a new tenant in time.

We will remove junk and debris as efficiently as possible. Our goal in performing foreclosure cleanout services is to allow you regain the use of your space right away.

Contact us today to discuss the foreclosure cleanout services we perform throughout Orlando and Winter Park, FL.

Make sure there's nothing left in the house

It's hard for you to attract new residents to a house that still has someone else's junk piled up inside. That's why you need our house emptying service. We'll get rid of any furniture or boxes left behind. Our services are available for residential and commercial properties alike.

Call now to take advantage of our house emptying service in Orlando or Winter Park, FL.